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As a UX designer I often work on the earlier stages of a product. I design things like product flows, layouts, and the fundamental elements of interfaces. Sometimes I start from scratch. Sometimes I take things apart and put them back together again. Here are some of the ways I do that.

Interaction Design

OK, this term could be used to describe everything I do, but I like to think about interaction in terms of the macro and the micro. My aim is to keep looking at what I’m doing from both perspectives; staying focussed on the overall user journey (product discovery, context, emotions) but also considering the details of how every swipe, hover or click will feel.


In the early stages of product design I map out what users are trying to achieve, how they might discover the product, and how they are likely to use it. Later, I design flow diagrams to show how the product will facilitate these interactions.


When it comes to the nitty-gritty, I carefully design and describe the way in which different interactions should be implemented, and work with developers to make sure things work as intended.

Sketching & Wireframing

These are invaluable tools throughout the design process. Sketching with good old pen and paper allows me to quickly realise and evaluate ideas. When it comes to wireframing, I use both quick outlines for early stage product development, and high-fidelity wireframing for projects where the details really matter.


Prototypes are a great way to bring your product to life before committing to development. I build various prototypes, from stitching together static sketches to demonstrate an overall flow, to creating detailed working mockups of interactions. Prototypes are great for research with users early on, showing ideas to potential investors or simply getting something more tangible in your own hands.


When working on this complex app for security operatives, I had to consider a large number of possibilities in the user flow. The Invision prototype shown here allowed me to put early designs in the operative’s hands to make sure the steps made sense to them.

Information Design

Making sure that content is logically organised in line with user expectations is one of the biggest challenges with any product. I conduct audits of existing content, work with users to understand what they're looking for, and produce content flows and sitemaps to structure websites and apps on a content-first basis.

UX Writing

Words are important, and I prefer to avoid 'lorem ipsum' in favour of meaningful examples wherever possible right from the start. UI copy needs to guide users and aid positive interactions, and I have a strong grasp of the best practices that ensure this.

CLEAR, CONCISE and consistent Copy

From button labels to menu items to error messages, I work hard to make sure that UI text is right for your users. My love for clear communication extends beyond UI though, and I enjoy working with business owners and marketing teams to craft creative copy alongside designing layouts, so that one isn't constricted by the other.

Creative UX design

When most people think of designers, they think of colour experts and pixel perfectionists. I chose UX design because those are not my areas of expertise. I prefer big picture thinking—but that doesn't mean I'm not creative. Products need to be usable, but sometimes they also need to be exciting, visceral and inspiring.

I like to think about the overall emotional experience as well as the practical, which is why you'll sometimes see more life in my wireframes. I also design for fun and take on smaller clients for lower costs when I am excited about what they're doing!


Wireframes for a Big Data company with example imagery to inform further design work

Reworking UI design for Heist's shopping cart flow, using their existing design language

Website for upcoming musician Natalie Evans—a simple one page Webflow site that embraces her aesthetic

Explorative design concepts and prototyping for popular language learning app Memrise